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Robinson Armament XCR-M Micro Pistol


XCR-M incorporates heavy duty components such as a sturdy oprod, a beefy three-lug bolt, a locking extractor, and a fixed ejector.  These elements and others ensure reliable performance with minimal maintenance.


The XCR-M is the most ergonomic rifle available anywhere.  Professoinal users report that the XCR has the fastest magazine change and clearing times of any rifle. 

Whether the rifle is supported by the right or left hand, the operator can manipulate all the controls while keeping his eyes on target and index finger near the trigger.

Our new Fully Adjustable Stock not only folds but is adjustable for length and height ensuring unparalleled shooting comfort.

Many rifles claim to be modular weapon systems just because they have a 1913 standard rail system used to attach accessories.  The XCR-M is truly modular.

The XCR-M's quick change barrel system is unmatched in terms of ease of use and repeatability.  Barrel and caliber changes can be made in less than 5 minutes.


Armorers who are familiar with the XCR-M find it the easiest rifle to inspect, maintain, and service resulting in lower overall maintenance costs

The true beauty of the XCR-M is the simplicity of design and durability of its parts. 

The XCR-M Micro Pistol was designed to fire cartriges based on the .308 Win. cartridge.  Other calibers may be available shortly.

Vortex StrikeFire II Red Dot

When situations demand split-second target acquisition and maximum field of view, mount up the StrikeFire II and shoot—both eyes open. Feature-rich, versatile and reliable, the StrikeFire II is a great choice for shooters who want a quality red dot sight, but don’t want to break the bank. Features sleek rear-facing controls for power on/off and easy adjustment of ten dot intensity levels—lowest two settings are night-vision compatible. Automatically returns to the last dot intensity used when powered up. The 30mm aluminum alloy chassis provides extra-high recoil rating and is waterproof and fogproof. Strike fast!

The lower 1/3 co-witness cantilever mount model is ideal for AR platforms, positioning the optic bore center 40 mm above the base surface.

Price: 3302.75
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Sig Sauer 716 DMR 18″ 7.62x51mm

The Sig Sauer 716 DMR is definitely one of the beefiest Marksman configurations we have come across. Everything about this screams Bench rifle AR-10. Based off the already proven features of the 516 Models(5.56m), Sig Sauer to the best of each aspect and threw it into the AR-10 Based 716. Chambered in 7.62x51mm and being Gas Pistol operated, means you can step down to the .308win round in any pressure and still have your rifle cycled perfectly. Let more gas out if high pressure, put more gas in if using low pressure to tailor it to any need you desire. Having the M1913 Mil-Std off the Free floating gas system keps good weight in front further as as a muzzle climb mitigator. Go to the 716 DMR if you are looking for something to outperform most rifles you’ll see on the range today. At the moment


  • Beefy Forend for attachments
  • Certified Cerakote Done in OD Green Tiger Stripe
  • High Quality Gas Pistol Stroke system for adapting to any pressure load
  • 18″ Barrel with 1:10 Twist rate to maximize accuracy while eliminating a long barrel swing
  • Sig Sauer 2 Stage Match trigger
  • 12.4LBS Overall to control recoil
  • 5 Round Mag Capacity
  • Magpul Pmag included out of the box
  • Magpul PRS Butt stock
  • Magpul MIAD Grip
  • Thread protector for when you don’t need attachments
  • Hard Carrying Case with Cable lock
  • User Manual
  • Sig Sauer Rock Solid Warranty




Price: 3389.95
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F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G

The F-1 Firearms BDR-15 3G Rifle is the flagship of the F-1 Firearms brand. Designed to be lightweight, accurate, and rigid, this base rifle is a must have for any shooter. The rifle carries sub MOA accuracy, was machined with 7075-T6 aircraft quality aluminum in the recever set and handguard, was hand finished, offers customizeable options and brings a look to the rifle that is unmatched in the industry.


  • NiB bolt carrier group
  • Match grade stainless 16″ barrel (base model)
  • Chambered in .223 Wylde, .300 AAC or 7.62×39
  • C7K Contoured (KeyMod) rail at 12.75″ over low-pro gas block
  • Oversized trigger guard
  • Magpul MOE adjustable buttstock and grip
  • Black – Type III Class 2 hard anodizing
  • Colors – Type II hard anodizing
  • 60° beveled magwell
  • F-1 Firearms 100% Product Guarantee

***Please note F1 AR-15 Ship with no magazine, can be ordered from our site. Aimpoint and mag not included***


Price: 2899.95
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Price: 2899.99
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Price: 2899.99
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IWI Tavor TAR-21

The Tavor TAR-21 Assault Rifle has been designed to keep up with the dynamic demand of the modern battle field. Used and designed by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Coming with all the versatility and ambidextrous features you’ll need makes this innovative design a front runner for this technologically advanced firearm.

Having the 18.7″ Barrel means that this rifle is classed as Non-Restricted so take this guy into the bush and plink away all day. It’s lightweight balanced designed makes it easy for those days out in the field shooting varmints, or out on the range shooting 3-gun. Accepts AR-15 Magazines so LAR-15 Mags are compatible to get a few more rounds into your rifle. The Tavor comes with great features like built in back up sights integrated into your top receiver rail, Mag release ergonomically located for a quick mag change. Additional Trigger packs and Trigger Bows are available for these if you want to further improve how this rifle fires.


  • Bullpup configuration puts the weight towards the shooter
  • Ergonomic design
  • 5/30 Round Magazine included with each rifle
  • Body is comprised of High Density Polymer
  • Removable barrel with little  work
  • Comes with integrated with flip up back up sights
  • 100% ambidextrous upon purchasing a left hand bolt
  • Features ‘OTB’ (Over-the-Breah) capability allows it to be safely fired after being submerged in water
  • Field Stripping is quick and easy
  • High Interchangeability with parts of the Tavor Family
  • Comes with last round stopper
  • Corrosion resistant parts (for all metal parts)
  • Efficient Recoil Absorbent butt pad
  • Increased target hit ratio under fatigue and pressure
  • Extreme reliability under extreme conditions
  • Benefit of a short rifle with long barrel accuracy


Price: 2799.95
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COLT CANADA MRR 5.56mm Sporting Rifle

The NEW COLT Canada MRR is an improvement on the already notorious and well know C8 Platform. It integrated a battle proven AR design while integrating the newest M-LOK Mounting technology being favored by manufacturers to date. The Mid-Length Gas system means you will have softer felt recoil, allowing for a quicker and more consistent follow up shot.

This technology makes this rifle favorable in todays growing landscape of 3-gun/Multi-gun competition. Having the M-LOK mounting platform means there is less weight for the shooter to carry equating to less fatigue and stress on shooter again giving way to an overall better performance. The Additional of the barrel being ‘free floated’ means the rifle is as accurized and recoil reduced as possible. Standard Magpul MOE Buttstock and Magpul MOE Pistol grip for added Ergonomics and weight relief.

Monolithic rail means your iron sights will stay on target and be as true to the barrel as possible.


  • Monolithic top rail for upper receiver. Bottom Magpul M-LOK Modular locking mounting system rails on side and bottom
  • 18″ Non-Chrome Lined barrel as for optimized DMR specifications
  • Free Floating Hammer Forged barrel
  • 1:7 Twist Rate
  • Magpul MOE Buttstock
  • Magpul Pistol Grip
  • 1.5LBS Lighter than 1st and 2nd Gen IUR Uppers previously brought into Canada
  • Increased Maneuverability
  • Chambered for use with 5.56mm / .223 Rem cartridges


Price: 2499.95
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Sig MPX PDW 9mm

The Sig MPX has been a highly sought after rifle in Canada, about the closest thing you’ll get to an MP5 while staying legal. The design and unmatched performance brings you all the ergonomics of the highly familiar AR platform. Classified as a Submachine gun you get a whole new level of operator safety and adaptability which has proven itself in the harshest of conditions. Great for LH or RH shooters with its ambi features make shooting it a breeze. The Fully Closed locked rotating bolt offers enhanced reliability and safety when shooting. The Short stroke gas piston system makes it easy to shoot all weights and brands of 9mm ammo you come across with no adjustments needed for the valve.


  • Improved Reliability and adaptability
  • Full Length Aluminum Keymod Handguard for mounting versatility
  • Gas Piston System runs any 9mm ammo
  • 5/30 Round Magazine
  • Ambidextrous features
  • QD Sling Attachment point included
  • Rail Section for keymod included
  • Standard Sig Sauer Sling


Price: 2499.95
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CMMG Inc. Mk47 MUTANT AKS13 7.62x39mm 16″

The CMMG MK47 Mutant is one of their newest Mk47s and has their new ‘KRINK’ Muzzle Brake that comes already pinned and welded on. Gas block already comes pinned on for improved reliability. The Mid-Sized receiver comes based off of the Mk3 carved from 7075-T6 Aluminum. The 15″ Improved hand guard comes with the Keymod mounting base for a wide variety of attachments that keep it low profile and weight relieved. The Mk47 was designed to get the most reliability and efficiency out of the 7.62x39mm Cartridge by having a beefier bolt based on the Mk3 (.308). Easily accepting AK magazines, you will not have to search for any special mag to feed your rifle.


  • Beefier bold and receiver
  • KRINK Pinned and Welded on Muzzle Brake (5/8x24TPI)
  • Accepts standard AK Magazines
  • 5/30 Round AK Pmag included
  • Magpul MOE Pistol Grip
  • Magpul CTR Stock
  • Pinned Gas Block
  • Mil-Spec Trigger
  • Billet 7075-T6 Receiver
  • Keymod Handguard for mounting attachments
  • 7.4LBS Overall weight

***EOTech and Magnifier NOT INCLUDED***



Price: 2584.99
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Product Description

This is a Non-Restricted Firearm. 

Optic and Bipod Not Included •Bull pup configuration.

  • Optimized ergonomic design.
  • 1 x 5/30 Rds. Magazine Included
  • Body built of high strength impact modified polymer.
  • Detachable barrel. •Integrated reflex sight directly attached on to the barrel.
  • Conversion from day optics to night optics is done without the need of re-zeroing.
  • 100% Ambidextrous thus making the use by right or left handed shooters easy.  
  • Has true “OTB” (over-the beach) capability and can be safely fired after being submerged in water and not completely dry.  
  • Designed for Minimum operator and armorer level maintenance, thus reducing maintenance and life cycle costs.
  • Very easy field striping into 2 parts.
  • Equipped with a last round stopper.
  • All the metal parts of the weapon are corrosion resistant.


Price: 2699.95
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